Security and Health Safety Policies


At Museum Kids Academy we understand your concern as a parent for the safety of your children.  At Museum Kids Academy we are very serious about your child’s safety and, to that end, we have set up precautionary measures for our children’s protection.

  • Cameras are installed in each classroom and at every entrance.
  • Key pads are installed at the front door entrance.
  • All of our doors remain locked during business hours.
  • As a parent (or legal guardian) you will be issued your own unique password that must be provided in order to pick up your children. We will have a “Release Binder’ with each child’s name along with the name(s) of authorized release person(s).
  • You must provide MKA advance notice of anyone else who is to pick up their child on a particular day.
  • You are asked to never share this password with anyone, except in the event that you authorize a friend or family member to pick up your child.
  • State-issued identification will be required if a person is picking up your child for the first time.  There is no exception to this rule.

Please contact Museum Kids Academy management for any questions about this policy at 713.640.5876.

Health Safety

  • We have a daily cleaning checklist that will be signed by all staff members daily.
  • Staff members are required to wash their hands regularly.  Hand washing signs are posted at each sink.
  • All staff members are trained on diapering procedures and diapering procedures will be posted in each classroom.
  • Fire and tornado drills are  done monthly.
  • Children with following illnesses/conditions must remain at home for at least 24 hours: Diarrhea, fever, generalized rash, vomiting, and excessive sleepiness.